Common Dental Conditions During Adulthood

By November 25, 2018 Dental Care, General Dentistry

Common Dental Conditions During AdulthoodAs we get older, dental care doesn’t become less important; it becomes even more critical. There are a variety of conditions that are particularly common in adults, and keeping up with your oral health care routine (including visiting your Frisco dentist) is a vital part of staying healthy.

Here are a few common dental conditions during adulthood and what you need to do to keep your teeth, mouth, and gums in the best shape possible.

Gum Disease

Whether your home dental care routine has slipped, leading you to brush and floss less often than recommended, or you aren’t keeping your regular dental cleaning appointments, harmful bacteria and plaque can build up on your teeth and lead to gum disease.

If gum disease remains untreated, irreparable damage to the jawbone can occur. Additionally, when the support structures give way, tooth loss is also possible.

The easiest way to combat and prevent gum disease is to keep your regular appointments with your Frisco dentist and stick to a home dental care routine, ensuring that harmful plaque and bacteria don’t build up and cause damage.

Oral Cancer

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, men who are over the age of 40 have the highest risk for oral cancer. However, anyone can get oral cancer, particularly if you use tobacco products or consume alcohol, both of which increase your risk.

Around 43,000 people are diagnosed with cancer of the mouth, tongue or throat area each year, and the ACS estimates that about 7,000 people will die from these cancers. In most cases, oral cancers are first detected by dentists as part of a routine checkup, highlighting the importance of keeping your appointments with your Frisco dentist.

Damaged Fillings

Over time, all dental fillings break down. The average life expectancy of a filling is only eight to 10 years, though some last up to 20 years or even longer.

When a filling breaks down, food and bacteria can get underneath. This promotes decay deep in the tooth, which can cause serious damage as well as pain.

During your regular dental checkups, your Frisco dentist can examine your existing filling for indications that they are breaking down, and repair or replace any with signs of damage. That way, your mouth stays healthy.

If you want to make sure that your teeth, gums, and mouth are in tip-top shape, schedule an appointment with your Frisco dentist today.

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