Smiles at Warren Parkway knows that dental emergencies can happen at any time. Our office is prepared to help you as best as we can during your dental emergency.

There is never a convenient time for a dental emergency. From trauma resulting in dental injury to infection and pain resulting from advanced tooth decay or gum disease, the staff at Smiles at Warren Parkway are well equipped with the latest imaging and dental emergency care equipment to respond with the necessary relief. Our daily schedule is designed to accommodate dental emergencies as part of our commitment to being there for our patients. Emergency dental care does not necessarily involve pain and the staff here at Smiles at Warren Parkway welcomes your same day visit so we can address your issues and concerns including more aesthetic or functional emergencies such as chipped teeth, dislodged crowns, or fractured dentures.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your dental emergencies. Remember, if you have a life threatening emergency, please call 911.

Tooth Extractions

One of the main goals of modern dentistry is to save teeth whenever possible. But in some situations, it may be better to remove (extract) a tooth instead.

Tooth Trauma

If an accident occurs and your teeth become loose or fractured, call our offices immediately so we can help you as soon as possible.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The third set of molars that grow in last, typically between the ages 15 and 25, are commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. Improper eruption of third molars can result in serious problems including infection, pain, and damage to adjacent teeth and bone. Studies have shown that 90% of chewing function occurs on the first molar and premolar region; the remaining 10% of chewing occurs with the second molars. Very little or no chewing occurs with the third molars. In addition third molars are highly susceptible to dental caries (cavities) because they tend to be more difficult to brush, floss, and clean given their location in the mouth. If you are suffering from jaw related pain or suspect your wisdom teeth are causing you discomfort, please contact us for further evaluation to see what treatment options are available to treat your third molars.