How Frisco Dental Hygienists Improve Your Oral Health

By October 9, 2019 Dental Care, General Dentistry

How Frisco Dental Hygienists Improve Your Oral HealthOctober is National Dental Hygiene Month, a time where we look not just at oral health but also all of the hard work put in by dental hygienists to keep people’s smiles healthy and shining. Many people aren’t familiar with how much a dental hygienist does during appointments, so we thought we’d shine a spotlight on their amazing contributions.

Here’s a look at what a dental hygienist is and everything they do.

The Role of a Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists are a critical part of any Frisco dental clinic staff. They not only support dentists and other clinic staff, but they also do a ton for patients to ensure their oral health.

When you come in for a routine dental appointment, a dental hygienist is who you spend the most time with in most cases. These skilled professionals handle your initial screenings and make sure your x-rays are current, updating them when needed. Then, they manage your cleaning, taking care to get your smile into the best shape possible, and informing the dentist of any issues they spot along the way.

Plus, a dental hygienist spends time assisting office staff after your appointment is complete. Dental chart updates, patient file management, and similar activities might all end up on their plate.

What to Expect When Meeting with a Dental Hygienist

When you arrive for your appointment, a dental hygienist will discuss your dental and medical history. That way, both they and the clinic are aware of any concerns or issues that may be present or that require accommodation.

Next, if needed, the dental hygienist will take x-rays (radiographs) of your teeth. These images allow for a close, inside look at the health of your jaw and teeth, showcasing any issues that might need to be addressed.

After the x-rays, the dental hygienist handles your cleaning. They remove deposits like plaque from the surface of your teeth using a variety of tools and also polish them to remove stains. Your dental hygienist might also apply a range of preventative treatments, like fluoride.

Along the way, you might receive dental product recommendations from your dental hygienist, such as what toothbrushes or kinds of toothpaste might work best for you. Typically, they also give you a goodie bag filled with a new toothbrush and sample-sized products.

Once their work is done, they consult with your Frisco dentist before your dentist completes their exam, giving them insights about any issues they encountered. That way, your dentist can explore those areas carefully during their examination, ensuring any custom treatment plan, if needed, will address all concerns.

Ultimately, dental hygienists are a critical part of any Frisco dental office. This October when you visit Smiles at Warren Parkway in Frisco, make sure to think of all they do for your oral health as, without them, your experience wouldn’t be the same.

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