Is Professional Teeth Whitening the Perfect Way to Get Your Smile Graduation-Ready?

By May 9, 2019 Teeth Whitening

Is Professional Teeth Whitening the Perfect Way to Get Your Smile Graduation-Ready?

It’s that time of year. High school and college seniors are getting ready to graduate, and you know what that means: graduation pictures.

Whether it is formal photographs during the ceremony or casual pictures posed with friends and family, soon-to-be graduates have a lot to smile about. But, if you aren’t happy with the color of your teeth, it might make you hesitant to smile during one of the most joyous days of your life.

Luckily, you can get your smile graduation-ready quickly. By scheduling a professional teeth whitening appointment with your Frisco dentist, you can make significant progress all before the day of your ceremony. If you are wondering whether professional teeth whitening is the ideal way to get your smile graduation-ready, here’s what you need to know.

OTC Products Won’t Deliver the Same Results

While many OTC teeth whitening products can brighten your smile, they usually only remove shallow surface stains. Plus, they can take weeks before you see real results, and you might not have that much time before your graduation day.

Additionally, many OTC options are highly abrasive. They can bother people with sensitive teeth, or make sensitivity worse. Even those without sensitive teeth might end up with irritation when they use OTC whitening products, which can cause gum and mouth pain.

Finally, an OTC product might not give you the level or whitening you were hoping for, which can be disappointing.

Trendy DIY Options Can Be Dangerous

DIY teeth whitening options you may read about online aren’t always a smart choice. Using an approach that isn’t approved by a dentist can have consequences, and many of the recommendations aren’t even proven to work.

When it comes to teeth whitening, “oil pulling” isn’t proven to make a difference. Charcoal is also largely untested and could even be dangerous.

Similarly, brushing with pure baking soda can be damaging to gum tissue and tooth enamel. In the worst case scenario, the damage may even be irreversible, requiring substantial dental treatments to restore the health of your mouth and gums.

Professional Whitening is Safe, Fast, and It Works

If you want noticeably whiter teeth quickly, your Frisco dentist can select a treatment that will provide you with fast results. There are several approaches that are quick and incredibly effective, giving you a brighter smile in just one appointment. Plus, they are all tested for safety, ensuring you don’t have to make any health sacrifices to get a graduation-ready smile.

Zoom! Whitening is quick and incredibly effective. If stains are an issue, Venus White treatments can help. Smile Perfected Whitening is fast, very comfortable, and one of the more budget-friendly options.

If you are wondering what to expect from professional whitening and which option is right for you, make an appointment with your Frisco dentist today. They will help you choose an option that meets your needs, ensuring you aren’t afraid to smile when you graduate.

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