Maximizing Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire

By December 9, 2019 Dental Benefits

Maximizing Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire

At the end of each year, your dental benefits expire or reset. They don’t carry over from one year to the next, regardless of how much or how little you use them. If you don’t use everything you’re entitled to before 2019 comes to a close, you might be missing out.

Luckily, there’s still time to maximize your dental benefits before we welcome 2020. If you aren’t sure how to squeeze every ounce of value out of your plan, here’s what you need to do.

Handle Your Preventative Care

Nearly every dental plan covers a range of preventative services. If you haven’t had a checkup in the past six months, now’s the perfect time to handle that appointment. Depending on your insurance, your cleaning, x-rays, and more might be free. By making an appointment with your Frisco dentist before the end of the year, you make sure that you get the most out of your preventative care coverage.

Improve Your Oral Health

Even if you’ve visited your Frisco dental care team every six months, that doesn’t mean you’ve maximized your benefits. Other treatments might improve your oral health, and it’s worth seeing how far your coverage will go if you want to get your mouth, teeth, and gums into the best shape possible.

In most cases, your Frisco dentist knows what your dental plan does and doesn’t cover. As a result, they can help you learn more about your options for improving your oral health and the benefits you can access that you might have overlooked. That way, you can get everything out of your insurance before the year comes to a close.

Start Multi-Appointment Treatments

Certain dental treatments, like orthodontics and dental implants, require multiple visits with your Frisco dentist. By starting your treatment plan at the end of the year, you might be able to spend less out of pocket.

If you still haven’t reached your 2019 maximum coverage limit but have conquered your deductible, you can keep your out-of-pocket costs as low as possible by starting your treatment now. Plus, if you would reach your annual maximum before the end of your multi-appointment plan, you can schedule any remaining appointments to fall in 2020. That way, your benefits will have reset, allowing you to experience a cost-savings overall.

Maximizing your 2019 dental benefits does take a little planning, but your Frisco dentist can help make sure you understand your options and get the most out of your insurance. Schedule an appointment today with our dental team at Smiles at Warren Parkway to make sure you don’t miss out on cost-saving coverage that can help you achieve your ideal smile.

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