Ask Us About Our Teeth Whitening Specials

Teeth whitening is one of the more conservative yet noticeable means to achieve a whiter, brighter and youthful smile. At Smiles at Warren Parkway, we have several options for obtaining great whitening results. There is the fast, convenient and sensitive-free laser teeth whitening that can quickly give you a whiter brighter smile. Alternatively, the Venus White system provides a convenient and comfortable way to whiten on your own time and schedule.

Orthodontic Treatment

Allow us to help you realize the straight smile you have always wanted with the orthodontic treatment options at our disposal. We offer Fastbraces technology that allows for fast, safe and affordable teeth movement using ceramic (Clear) or metal (Silver) brackets. If you are a candidate for clear aligner therapy and would prefer not to have conventional orthodontic brackets, consider Invisalign® or Clear Correct aligner therapy. Clear aligner Orthodontics provides a removable alternative to braces. It’s custom-made transparent aligners are so subtle that others may not notice you are wearing braces. What they will notice is your straight smile afterwards! Allow us to help you realize the straight smile you have always wanted. Call us to schedule a consultation.

Cosmetic Veneers

Veneers are ultra-thin porcelain or Lithium disilicate castings that permanently bond to the outer surfaces of front teeth. If you would like to close gaps between your teeth, straighten a crooked smile, or produce a dramatically whiter smile, veneers may be your solution. Call us to schedule a consultation and take advantage of our limited time promotion.

Implant Treatment

Whether you are missing teeth, wearing uncomfortable dentures or would prefer not to have healthy tooth structure removed in order to fabricate a bridge, Dr. Juma and Dr. Ighani at Smiles at Warren Parkway can help you explore whether dental implants are a good option for you. Using innovative 3D imaging technology and digital scanners, our doctors can diagnose and plan your prosthesis with the final restoration in mind for an accurate and precise fit. *Restrictions Apply.