Our Technology

At Smiles at Warren Parkway, we endeavor to embrace new and developing technology that allows us to provide our patients with premier care. Our imaging equipment, designed to aid in accurate diagnosis and design of treatment plans with the best possible treatment outcomes, includes the latest in 3D radiography; producing superior images through panoramic imagery. 3D views offer an advantage in the diagnosis and continued management of conditions in the jaw and face. This technology is especially important in the role of diagnosis and treatment planning for implant dentistry, endodontics (Root Canal Therapy) and orthodontics (braces) as it delivers quality optimized Cone beam 3D scans while utilizing a revolutionary Low Dose Technology (LDT) that minimizes patient exposure to radiation.

Our Doctors

Our doctors also employ sophisticated technology in scanning equipment that allows us to identify diseased or abnormal mucosal tissue below the surface, long before it’s visible. This is especially important in oral cancer screening where early detection is critical. Typically, if we can identify abnormalities early, there’s a better prognosis in treatment and cure. Oral cancer screenings is one more way that our family at Smiles at Warren Parkway continues to give your family the best care possible.

Lasers have revolutionized the way a lot of dental procedures are performed today. In comparison to some of the more traditional surgical methods involving blades, lasers provide the advantage of significantly less discomfort, superior precision with less collateral tissue damage, very little to no bleeding, promotes faster healing with more predictable outcomes. At Smiles at Warren Parkway, Dr. Juma and Dr. Ighani are proud to include the use of lasers in the soft tissue management to ensure a high standard of care in their surgical arsenal.

Isolite® Technology

Isolite® technology provides a small footprint that makes a big difference in your dental experience. It functions to illuminate your mouth from the inside, increasing visibility and efficiency. This means you spend less time in the dental chair! The Isolite device also provides comfortable way to rest your jaw during treatment. At smiles at warren Parkway, we pride ourselves in making your dental visit as pain free as possible. Come in and experience the difference with Isolite!